Studio Anywhere Workshop

The lessons taught in the Studio Anywhere workshop are based on the Studio Anywhere ethos: using minimal gear to transform unconventional locations into beautiful backdrops for portraits and product photography. 

The format: The days runs from 9-6 with an hour break for lunch. Classes are kept small (12 students max) which allows for a hands-on approach. The class is split up into four-person groups with one model assigned to a group. Nick demonstrates each technique by shooting tethered to a laptop so students can learn by watching and then each group will have the opportunity to try the technique out with their model. After each segment is over, models rotate to the next student group, allowing the student to work with each model. The majority of the 8-hour class is spent indoors, covering a range of studio lighting techniques, from basic to advanced, however, a few outdoor scenarios may be taught, weather permitting. The last portion of class is spent covering Lightroom. 

Required equipment: The student should bring their camera (obviously) and any lighting gear they may have. Nick will bring his lighting kit which students can try out.  

  • San Francisco, California: July 30, 2017 
  • Columbus, Ohio: August 20, 2017
  • Austin, Texas: October 8, 2017
  • Miami, Florida: November 12, 2017
  • Berlin, DE: January 7, 2018
  • San Diego, CA: February 11, 2018
  • Chicago, IL: April 15, 2018
  • Washington, D.C.: May 20, 2018
  • Atlanta, GA: June 10, 2018
  • Vancouver, BC: July 8, 2018

Images and techniques from past workshops: