Chroma Workshops

Learning to work with light is an important milestone in every photographer’s career, and the ability to craft light to fit your vision for an image is a skill that cannot be overrated. Most often, that crafting of light is spoken of in terms of the quality and quantity of light. But there is an important, third component of light that heavily influences the final look of the image: the color of light. In this workshop, photographer Nick Fancher helps you elevate your game when it comes to introducing the bold, creative, and intentional use of color into your work.

The following techniques will be taught, as time allows:

A brief overview of color theory

Using gobos with gels as well as how to use gels as gobos

How to experiment with colors by making in-camera multiple exposures.

How to add colorful movement to portraits and product work

How to construct an image, one color layer at a time

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.33.51 PM.png

Basic color correcting with gels as well as how to push the color of ambient light

How to stack, block, and blend colors

How to create multi-colored shadows

How to use projectors as a colorful lighting tool

The format: The days runs from 9-7 with an hour break for lunch. Classes are kept small (12 students max) which allows for a hands-on approach. Nick demonstrates each technique by shooting tethered to a laptop so students can learn by watching and then each student will have the opportunity to try the technique out with a professional model. The last hour of class is spent covering Lightroom. As an intermediate/advanced level class, it's recommended that students know how to shoot in manual mode.

Required equipment: The student should bring their camera and memory card. Nick will provide lighting equipment for students to use, though students are welcome to bring their own lights and modifiers if they prefer. 

Refund Policy: Due to travel costs and general workshop expenses, the refund policy is as follows: greater than 3 months notice, a full refund will be issued. Less than three months notice, no refund will be issued.

February 7-12- Dubai, UAE: Gulf Photo Plus 

April 29- New York City, NY: $550

May 19- Los Angeles, CA: $500* (early bird until February 1st)

June 23- London, UK: $550* (early bird until March 1st)

July 28- Chicago, IL: $500* (early bird until April 1st)

August 25- Columbus, OH: $400* (early bird until May 1st)

*Early bird rates are discounted $50